The Vibe

Like the great history of the property at Elm n’ Park and story of the fire call Box #63 it’s only fitting that two cousins with an equally storied background be the inspiration behind Box 63 American Restaurant & Bar.

Carl and Tom Carbone former owner and member of the Carbone’s Restaurant Group are sure to be seen behind the bar, in the kitchen and just about anywhere you look during your visit.

Tom aka “the franchise” is a former “Best of Hartford” award-winning bartender where he has slung drinks in some of the most popular restaurants in the Greater Hartford market. After more than 25 years he is excited to finally bring his act to New Haven and make Box 63 a permanent home. Come on down and it won’t take long before he’s at your table introducing himself and hosting you to what will be the first of many return visits. As Tom always says “I don’t serve strangers, that’s why I make friends with everyone.” As a customer and “friend” you can’t help but feel his love for people and his infectious desire to make everyone feel at home.

Carl, the inspiration behind the Box 63 brand has spent a large part of his career as a respected restaurant concept developer. Creating Box 63 Carl’s focus was to create a welcoming hangout that blends iconic American comfort food, healthy portions and unique cocktails, in a classic rock in roll environment. As Carl would say “I’m the kid that just didn’t listen when my mother told me; eat with a fork, take your elbows off the table and stop“playing with your food”. Box 63 is the place where your experience will benefit from this defiance; the creative menu is a direct reflection of Carl’s ‘playing with his food’ where we expect you to relax ‘put your elbows on the table’ and live by our slogan ‘eat with your hands’