How We Get Involved

Community focused and driven by the history of the building it’s housed in, Box 63 is dedicated to supporting the city’s fire and police departments. Check out our exciting calendar of special events and contests such as BOX 63’s fiery Chili contest, which will raise funds for these important institutions.

Feeling the VIBE: we donate a portion of every guest’s check to “Box 22 Associates”, a not-for-profit organization that supplies free water and Gatorade to New Haven firemen during each major fire in Greater New Haven.

911 Chili FUND: After each Chili Contest Box 63 donates an additional portion of each order of our 911 Chili to the “Charity of Choice” of the Firehouse Chili Contest Winning team. This donation is an ongoing contribution until the next contest winner and new charity is established.

The CHILI CONTEST: Each event collects $5 per participant, (That means you), and is matched by a number of our partner companies and vendors to make up our largest single yearly donation.

Box 63 is for everybody to enjoy. It’s that neighborhood joint where you always know what to expect – and the unexpected only makes it better.


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